Volunteer of the Quarter- Spring 2024

Please congratulate Kimberly for being USO Rota’s Volunteer of the Quarter for Q2! HM1 Kimberlyjoy Data has distinguished herself through her extraordinary commitment to USO Rota, volunteering over 200 hours across more than 50 programs since joining the team in November. Serving over 5,000 service members, her dedication is truly unparalleled. Kimberly, an active-duty member of the hospital team, has significantly amplified the impact of USO Rota. Her advocacy within her command has established USO Rota as a key partner in all Diversity Committee programs, facilitating deeper integration and collaboration. She has recruited five new volunteers from her unit, demonstrating her leadership and dedication. Kimberly has taken part in every program offered by USO Rota at least once, from center representative shifts to youth and holiday programs, showcasing her versatility and commitment. Notably, for Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, she organized a traditional Filipino dance performance, enriching the cultural tapestry of the Rota community. Kimberlyjoy Data’s contributions and spirit make her an invaluable asset to USO Rota, embodying the essence of our core values and significantly enhancing our community’s vibrancy and cohesion.

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