March: USO Rota's Women Volunteers and Staff on International Women's Day

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International Women’s Day on March 8th is a global celebration of women’s achievements, and this year, we turn our attention to the remarkable women who volunteer and work as staff at the United Service Organizations (USO). These individuals not only contribute to the welfare of the military community but also exemplify the strength, resilience, and passion that define women in diverse roles.

For decades, the USO has been a beacon of unwavering support for military service members and their families. Within this organization, women play pivotal roles as volunteers and staff, fostering community and providing essential services to those who serve. Let us explore the experiences and insights of these incredible women as we celebrate International Women’s Day.

In my role as the new Center Manager of USO Rota, I am inspired by the powerhouse of women shaping the success of our center. Since opening our doors in 2017, every Center Manager has been a woman, setting the tone for an inclusive and empowering environment where women lead and thrive.

Beth, our longest-serving volunteer, embodies dedication and leadership at USO Rota. With over a thousand logged hours, Beth goes beyond the numbers, creating a warm and welcoming space for military families. Her passion sets the standard for excellence, and her leadership is a testament to the impact one individual can have.

USO Rota’s commitment to diversity is highlighted by Katie, a volunteer of Native American heritage who often leads cultural events. In November, she offered a frybread demonstration where she not only shared a delicious part of her culture but also educated attendees about the traditions that make her heritage unique. This event showcased the power of diversity and the inclusive atmosphere fostered by the women of USO Rota.

Sabrina Pullido, the Area Director of Southern Europe of the USO, has been integral for over two decades. Reflecting on her journey, she notes that working for the USO has been the “privilege of a lifetime.” Sabrina has mentored and coached other female professionals, contributing to breaking barriers for women in leadership roles. In her tenure she has been able to see women “advance their careers and sit at tables that in the past may have not had an equal representation by female leaders.”

Diana and Jessica, our Center Operations Specialists, represent the backbone of USO Rota. These professionals bring unique backgrounds and strengths to their roles, supporting each other daily in managing programs and operations. Their collaboration ensures the seamless execution of initiatives, creating an environment where both volunteers and staff can thrive.

Kayla Clark, former USO Rota Center Manager and current USO Transitions Specialist, shares her insights as she works with women every day. In her current role, she connects with military spouses in the Europe, Middle East, & Africa region, assessing their needs and getting them triaged into amazing, free resources to help them find employment locally or invest in themselves professionally.

Throughout her tenure in this position, Kayla has witnessed spouses conquer impressive certification goals, fine-tune their interviewing skills, land exciting new jobs, and expand their professional networks.

Beyond USO Rota, the USO as a whole boasts a region and network filled with successful women leaders. Their achievements serve as an inspiration for fostering a culture of empowerment and equal representation in leadership positions.

As the Center Manager of USO Rota, I am proud to be on this team and part of this community that thrives on the strength, dedication, and diversity of its women. The legacy of female leadership, the commitment of volunteers like Beth, and the contributions of leaders like Sabrina Pullido and Kayla Clark make USO Rota a shining example of what can be achieved when women are empowered and supported. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we express gratitude for the women who have shaped our past and enthusiasm for those who will continue to shape our future. Together, let us celebrate the unwavering spirit of USO’s women volunteers and staff.

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