Volunteer of the Quarter - Winter 2024

Sergio’s exceptional dedication and unwavering commitment to the USO Rota have earned him the distinguished title of Volunteer of the Quarter for Q1. Since joining in September, Sergio has contributed a remarkable 340 hours across 93 shifts. His impact on USO programming is outstanding, from initiating Coffee on the Pier, hosting Gaming Hours, and evolving Coffee Connections into the highly regarded Cooking with Sergio classes. Sergio also played a significant role in administering Bingos and various USO volunteer and inclusivity events. Testimonials: • Patrons and visitors express immense gratitude for Sergio’s Coffee on the Pier sessions, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that fosters camaraderie among service members. • The success of Gaming Hours is evidenced by increased attendance and positive feedback, creating a sense of community for those stationed at Rota. Patrons have expressed how amazing his lunches are each week. • Cooking with Sergio classes have become a highlight, providing valuable culinary skills and promoting cultural exchange among military personnel. Sergio’s culinary expertise and dedication have earned him the endearing title “Chef Sergio.” Numbers: • Sergio’s efforts have directly impacted hundreds of service members, providing moments of respite and connection. • As a Center Representative, he has significantly increased community engagement and participation. USO Core Values Exhibited: • Excellence: Chef Sergio’s Cooking with Sergio classes showcase his commitment to providing top-notch experiences, enriching the lives of those he serves. • Gratitude: His warm and welcoming demeanor, especially during Coffee on the Pier, demonstrates gratitude for the service and sacrifices of the military community. • Collaboration: Sergio consistently introduces himself to people in the community, fostering connections and collaborations. Whenever the USO needs something, he tends to know someone that they can collaborate with. Mission First: Sergio is someone ready to volunteer for all sorts of opportunities that will benefit service members. Sergio, a retired Spanish military personnel in the process of learning English, faced the challenge of adapting to a different environment and understanding the diverse needs of the USO and American community. Despite this obstacle and the language barrier, his perseverance, open-minded approach, and dedication to improvement allowed him to seamlessly integrate. During his Cooking with Sergio classes, where he is fondly known as “Chef Sergio,” he not only imparts culinary knowledge but also practices his English, showcasing his commitment to personal and professional development through practice and preparation. In summary, Chef Sergio’s selfless dedication, innovative programming, and his commitment to overcoming language barriers make him an exemplary Volunteer of the Quarter, embodying the core values of the USO – “Mission First,” “Collaboration,” “Excellence,” and “Gratitude.” We commend Chef Sergio for his outstanding service and look forward to his continued contributions to the USO Rota community. #theUSO

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