Volunteer of the Month - December 2023

WOW! What a month December has been! Join us in celebrating the incredible dedication and unwavering commitment of the Morón USO Volunteers, Jerry, Mandy, Tim, Leslie, and James! Their outstanding contributions embody the very essence of the USO Core Values, making them the well-deserved recipients of December’s Volunteer of the Month award.

Service: These exceptional individuals have exemplified the spirit of service, dedicating their time and efforts to support our troops stationed at Morón Air Base and sailors at Rota Naval Base. Accumulating a remarkable 150 volunteer hours collectively, they’ve given their energy to uplift and assist our service members and their families.

Connection: The Morón USO Volunteers have been the driving force behind 24 diverse programs aimed at fostering connections within the community. From heartwarming Coffee Connections to the joyous festivities of Winter Wonderland, Turkey Brigade, Kids Crafternoon, Patriot Express Flights, Santa’s Workshop, and Troop Lunches, their commitment to fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie is unparalleled.

Mission First: Their dedication to the USO mission shines through in every endeavor. Whether it’s organizing events or providing unwavering support, Jerry, Mandy, Tim, Leslie, and James have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that programs reach Morón. The essence of USO presence in Morón lies in the incredible commitment of these volunteers who ardently ensure that USO resources are not just available but actively utilized. Their proactive approach in spearheading programs and activities reflects their deep dedication to serving those stationed at Morón.

Again, the partnership between USO Rota and the Morón volunteers is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared goals. Together, we’ve been able to create an environment that fosters camaraderie, support, and a sense of belonging for our service members and their families. As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate the continuation of this impactful partnership, confident in the volunteers’ unwavering commitment to furthering the mission of the USO in Morón.


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