Connecting Through Summer

This summer, USO Rota brought a mix of entertainment to the community with its captivating weekly events. Here are a few of the exciting events that made these past few months unforgettable.

Trivia Tuesdays: Every Tuesday from 1800-1900, Tower Pub buzzed with energy from everyone ready to engage in a battle of wits and knowledge. Participants eagerly competed for first and second place, hoping to win one of the fabulous prizes! Trivia Tuesdays took participants on an animated journey, pitting DreamWorks against Pixar in a friendly showdown that rekindled memories of beloved animated classics. Other trivia themes ventured into futuristic animation or the epic journey of elemental mastery and self-discovery. As the month neared its end, participants tapped into their musical memory for the “Name that Tune” trivia, guessing songs from lyrics.

Cornhole Hour: USO Rota provided a perfect opportunity for service members and families to unwind during their lunch break every Wednesday. The atmosphere outside the Air Terminal welcomed everyone to engage in a friendly game of cornhole. With cornhole boards set up, cheers and laughter filled the air as bags sailed through the sky, each throw bringing a step closer to victory. But the fun didn’t stop there! After each round, attendees were treated to delightful lunches that ranged from hearty chili dogs to mouthwatering meatball subs and a delectable nacho bar. USO Rota’s Cornhole Hour was a time to bond and have fun.

Week after week, the pattern continued, creating a mosaic of memories. Cornhole became more than just a game; it symbolized unity and teamwork. Trivia became more than a competition; it embodied the joy of learning and friendly rivalry. USO Rota thanks everyone who made these weekly events successful. Every week during Trivia Tuesday and Cornhole Hour, we were reminded of the importance of coming together as a community. Stay tuned for more exciting events and engaging activities in the months ahead.

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