On Friday, June 23rd, the Rota community joined forces to celebrate Pride Month in an explosion of colors. USO Rota hosted a tie-dye event in front of the Airport Terminal, where individuals from diverse backgrounds came together to express their support for the LGBTQ+ community.

From 1100-1230, attendees were warmly welcomed by the USO Rota team as they got ready to partake in the tie-dye activity. The event commenced with the distribution of USO t-shirts, serving as blank canvases ready to be transformed into personal works of art. Participants were also able to bring their own garments to tie dye. A dazzling assortment of dyes was provided to inspire creativity and foster connection. Participants created tangible symbols of diversity and inclusion with each twist and knot. Alongside the tie-dye fun, community members enjoyed colorful cereal treats and goodie bags made by our USO Rota volunteers. The treats added a sweet touch to the celebration, enticing taste buds and adding to the rainbow-themed atmosphere. Beyond the fun tie-dye activity and delicious treats, the event served as a unifying force, fostering an environment of warmth, acceptance, and understanding within the USO Rota community.

The USO Rota team appreciated the enthusiastic participants and volunteers who made the Pride Month tie-dye event an extraordinary success. Their participation shows their dedication to celebrating diversity and creating a safe space where everyone can authenticate themselves.

#USORota #BeTheForce

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