The smoky, heart-warming, and mouth-watering smell of sizzling barbecue was in the air. It’s nostalgic, it’s delicious, and all the more joyous. Well, it’s contagious, too… it makes you want to have it! USO Rota had the opportunity to show our appreciation and bring a little taste of home to the service men and women attached to the NMCB -11 (Seabee’s) command at Camp Mitchell. The Seabees are deployed to Rota, Spain, for 6 months, and for most, this is a first-time deployment away from their family and friends. USO Rota actively engages in moral-boosting events to show our gratitude for their service during this time. We hosted a BBQ and corn hole tournament for them to partake in a friendly lunchtime competition of Seabee vs. Seabee.

Our event started by serving our honored guests delicious, freshly grilled hot dogs, chips, and refreshing sodas of their choice. The cornhole tournament had over 200 sailors playing or watching different teams enter the tough competition to see who the winners would be. USO Rota continued the festivities with upbeat music and lively conversation. It’s our pleasure to give back to the community of hard-working sailors and bring them a few comforts of home. USO Rota is truly grateful to provide them with events and programs that help break the monotony of being deployed to a foreign country.

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