USO Rota Supports Military Children

Military children are truly remarkable individuals; they endure challenges that most civilian children do not experience at such a young age. Military children learn how to cope with the emotional toll of a parent away on deployment and navigate the social complexities of attending a new school every three years. These children learn to be resilient and adaptive adults through the adversities they experience growing up in the military community.

USO Rota knows how difficult it can be for children with parents who serve our country. Therefore, to bring a sense of normality and home to the military children of NAVSTA Rota, the USO hosts kid-centered events each month. The events can include creative crafts, snacks, and even story time.

USO Rota’s Teddy Bear Club is a monthly event for kids ages 0-4. For July, children created amazing windsocks made from construction paper, ribbon, and quirky stickers for decoration. Along with the craft, families enjoyed eating a delicious summer-themed snack called “Bears at the Beach.” These savory yogurt treats included Vanilla Wafers and Teddy Grahams. USO Rota also hosted a monthly Kids Crafternoon for older children where families tested their science skills by building solar-powered ovens to make s’mores. They had a blast decorating their cardboard ovens, assembling s’mores, and watching the chocolate and marshmallows melt inside their new solar oven. After the experiment, parents, and children could enjoy the moment together while devouring their delicious s’mores.

It takes a village to raise a child, and the USO realizes this. Military children face a different array of adversities compared to their civilian peers. However, the USO is here to ease those adversities and provide these extraordinary children with a sense of family, home, and country.

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