Military Spouses: The Glue That Keeps The Family Together

Military members are often shown gratitude and appreciation for their sacrifices during their service. However, behind many of the brave men and women of the armed forces stand dedicated and supportive spouses. These fantastic people take care of bills, children, and many other responsibilities while their service members are away. They work hard to provide a rock-solid foundation for service members and a shoulder to lean during difficult times. Military spouses are the glue that keeps the lives of our beloved service members together.

To show appreciation to these exceptional individuals, USO Rota hosts monthly MilSpouse events to connect military spouses to the community. On January 25th, spouses of Moron Air Base came together to enjoy coffee and a few rounds of Bingo. After, they hand-designed coffee mugs and chatted amongst each other.

Amongst the group was a young woman new to the military community and lifestyle. While enjoying the festivities, she was able to ask questions and receive advice from a group of other military spouses. She was able to experience the supportiveness of the military community and win a gift bag of various scented lotions. While the prizes are amazing, the biggest reward for military spouses is the ability to come together and build a community. These events are critical in smaller locations with limited resources like Moron Air Base.

Another MilSpouse event was held on January 27th at the USO center on the Rota Naval Base. Spouses drank flavored teas and fabulously decorated mugs. Experienced moms shared tips and tricks with new mothers, and others spoke about job opportunities or hobbies. As with the MilSpouse event in Moron, the USO provided a relaxing and encouraging environment for military spouses to come together.

The USO will always be ready to help service members and their families connect to home and country despite the location.

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