Volunteer of the Quarter - Q4 2021

Please join us in congratulating Jennifer Anderson for being awarded our 2021 Q4 Volunteer of the Quarter!

Jennifer has been a critical member of our volunteer force for the past quarter. Our USO team only had 2 full time staff members during a very busy summer and for the month of August, only 1 staff member was working at a time. While USO Rota was supporting the active duty military members working during Operation Allied Welcome, Jennifer knew we needed help prepping in the center. She volunteered to stay behind to make sure we always had fresh coffee ready and sodas stocked for our service members.

Jennifer began volunteering with the USO in July 2020 and has accumulated over 520 hours! In the past quarter, she has volunteered for 188 hours, resulting in over 3,500 TSI’s. She has supported a wide variety of programming, such as homecomings, bingo nights, the virtual baby shower and even facilitated the USO Reading Program with the USS Porter. She also single-handedly created our Puppy Palooza Event in June, coming up with activities and making dog treats for all the participants. Jennifer has helped at every major base holiday celebration, from Eggsplosion on Easter Weekend to Freedom Fest on July 4th.

Thank you, Jennifer, for your dedication and continued support of the USO. #USORota #BeTheForce #MoreThanThanks

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