Volunteer of the Month-September 2021

Please join us in šŸ‘congratulatingšŸ‘ CPL Marcus Gonzales for being awarded September 2021 Volunteer of the Month!

MarcusĀ started volunteering withĀ USO RotaĀ inĀ šŸ‚Ā September, andĀ he hasĀ alreadyĀ accumulated 58Ā hours! He has been instrumental inĀ keepingĀ the USOĀ center open after hours for members of the community to utilize.Ā  Marcus hasĀ alsoĀ supported multiple outbound flights in theĀ past month, ensuring patrons have coffee,Ā ā˜•Ā snacks, and soda to enjoy before leaving Rota. He even covered a shift by himself with over 100 people in the air terminal! We are so grateful he started volunteering with us; heĀ has beenĀ an amazingĀ ā¤ļøĀ addition to our team!Ā 

Marcus, we are so grateful for you and your continued service. Thank you for everything and keep up the great work! #USORota #BeTheForce #MoreThanThanksĀ 

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