Volunteer of the Quarter - Q3 2021

Please join us in congratulating Kozue (Koko) Hunt for being awarded our 2021 Q3 Volunteer of the Quarter!

If you have ever been to any of USO Rota’s events or if we’ve ever visited your command, chances are, you’ve seen Koko’s friendly face. Koko has only been a volunteer with us since February of this year, but since then, she’s served 265 hours in the community and 85 hours within the last month alone. Koko is now our Expeditionary Volunteer Lead and is extremely passionate about serving those who are deployed or are in remote locations such as our Seabees or the folks up in Morón. She has single-handedly run events and supported large flights and movements in the terminal, and she is always willing to fill in the gap with staffing wherever needed. Koko is extremely hard-working: she has volunteered for our early morning 0500 shifts and our overnight support for the 24-Hour Walk and both Norwegian Foot Marches. She faces adversity like a champ - always with a smile and there to brighten the room and everyone around her. We literally could not do what we do without her, and we are SO grateful to have her on our team!

Thank you, Koko, for everything. #USORota #BeTheForce #MoreThanThanks

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