Volunteer of the Month-July 2021

Please join us in 🎉congratulating🎉 SSgt David Kucko for being awarded July 2021 Volunteer of the Month!

Over the last month, USO Rota has been hard at work meeting leadership at Morón Air Base and trying to furnish and establish two unmanned centers and provide programming to the base. SSgt David Kucko immediately took the reins and guided us through base, helped us connect with local contacts, coordinated our participation at their Fourth of July Freedom Fest event, helped put together working crews to build furniture for their dayrooms, continually restocked snacks in those locations, and has helped facilitate multiple programs. If it weren’t for SSgt Kucko, we wouldn’t have come as far as we have in the last month with recruiting new volunteers and providing as much support as we have to the deployed Marines and transient Air Force.

David, we are so grateful ❤️ for you and your continued service. Thank you😃 for everything and keep up the great work! #USORota #BeTheForce #MoreThanThanks

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