Volunteer of the Month - March 2021

Please join us in congratulating USO Rota’s March 2021 Volunteer of the Month: Jennifer Anderson!

Jennifer has been a volunteer with us since July 2020 and since then has served over 230 hours and has assisted with a variety of different types of programs including being a lead on our USO Special Delivery virtual baby shower and virtual trivia nights, creating social media graphics for many of our event marketing and engagement posts, and helping with over 40 programs. She has helped with kids’ craft bags, ROM kits, the USO Reading Program, and Operation Cookie Drop on Christmas Day, and she has also served in some of our less glamourous tasks like our big outdoor storage cleanout.

She most recently stepped up to plan and organize our upcoming Puppy Palooza from initial concept through execution - scoping out the location, brainstorming the activities, creating the marketing, and prepping the other volunteers. Jennifer is a huge asset to the USO Rota team, and we are so grateful for her!

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