USO Reading Program

USO Rota now offers the USO Reading Program! Stop by the USO during normal operating hours to record yourself reading to your loved ones back home. We’ll package up the recording and the book to send back to the states for you.

Strengthen family bonds Storytime strengthens bonds between a loved one and a child.

Cultivate a love of reading Reading aloud to children fosters a joy in the act of reading, and the sillier the voices the better!

Celebrate milestones No one knows better than a military service member how difficult it is to miss a birthday or the first day of school or Thanksgiving. We make sure our program has holiday books all year long.

Anytime day or night Due to timezones children may not always be able to see their parent on Facetime or Skype, but with a recording they can get their bedtime story any time they need it.

Again, again, again Children are able to watch their loved one’s recording again, and again, and again!

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