Throwback Thursday

Aug 20th, 2020
7:30 AM CEST ( 730B)

Social Media Post asking the community their favorites from the past! ex. Favorite video game as a kid, favorite activity as a kid, etc. Comemnt with a GIF or picture!

Other Upcoming Events

  1. Favorites Friday 

    USO Rota

    This virtual program is exactly what it sounds like - followers are prompted to share their favorites based on a central theme, like workout songs!

    Aug 14th, 2020 7:30 AM CEST ( 730B)

  2. Kid's Craft Kits 

    USO Rota

    Drive by the air terminal to pick up a craft bag starting at 10AM until we run out!

    Aug 14th, 2020 10:00 AM CEST (1000B)

  3. Storytime with Kayla! 

    USO Rota

    Tune in to this virtual program to read along to the classics with Kayla! She’s fun, she’s silly, and she’s usually wearing a crazy costume!

    Aug 14th, 2020 3:00 PM CEST (1500B)

  4. Rota Riddle 

    USO Rota

    USO Rota wants to see if you can answer some fun riddles! Answer the riddle in the comments!

    Aug 14th, 2020 8:00 PM CEST (2000B)

  5. Quarantine Questions 

    USO Rota

    Quarantine Questions is a virtual program asking different types of questions where people can reply with a GIF or picture!

    Aug 17th, 2020 7:30 AM CEST ( 730B)

  6. USO Rota News 

    USO Rota

    All the news thats fit to print! Join USO Rota for a virtual news cast!

    Aug 17th, 2020 8:00 AM CEST ( 800B)

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